Company history

CHIAO BA ENTERPRISE Co., LTD was established in 1996 and first brand〝BASIC GEAR〞was created in 1998.
We have started investing numerous funds in the field of developing and designing products since 1999.
We have thousands of patents of Ratchet handle、Combination Wrench、Blow box.
We have concentrated in European market since 2000.
We built up the full range of socket set, wrench, ratchet handle, blow model cases, pliers…etc.
that meet DIN standard and with 〝GS〞approved as well.
In 2002, European Union advocated the environmental issues.
All products related to plastic should pass GS Qualified environmental standards .
We are the first company to apply and get the approval.
At the same time, we started participating in foreign trade shows(expositions) that including Frankfurt,
Cologne, Spain, Moscow, Dubai and the Czech Republic.
In 2004, our brand〝ARKO〞 was created for our company new image.
We design new shape patented blow mold case and improve our quality control system to satisfy our customers.
In 2006, European Union announced Universal Declaration of Human Rights, BSCI, and asked all to follow the ILO Convention.
Next year, we also announced to follow the rule.
We have been determined on European market.
We will develop a variety of metal cases and blow model cases to expand our business in other countries.